How a Fire Destroyed my Personal Computer?

Fire started unexpectedly


A fellow blogger (Dronstad) had told me not to go back and reedit my old content. Or at least I remember him saying that. Initially, I tried to get a writer for my blog, so I can draw. Nevertheless, I am writing a short story because I want to improve my writing. For example, WordPress sends out daily challenges to improve your writing. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to go back and see what needs an interesting perspective twist. When you are free, please read the following passage and then check out the new perspective.

A fire started as a result of PSU wire, destroying my HDD and case components

A fire started as a result of PSU wire, destroying my HDD and case components. Then, the smoke started filling my room, finally burning through most of the computer parts. I remember being shocked and excited about the event. Meanwhile, convinced that it could have resulted from a poorly sleeved wire. Already, I’m thinking that I will be throwing out my StrikeX (AeroCool) computer tower chassis. Now, who wouldn’t be upset? However, would you see an opportunity?

Looking at a new Switch 810 computer case

After some time, I started looking at a new Switch 810 computer case. Thus, I started looking online for assistance. After some time, I discovered, a “Performance Computing Enthusiast Forum.” While absorbing everything like a sponge, I managed to create a shopping list on the forum. To sum up, I was Impressed. The community is friendly and eager to help me finish building my computer.

Closing thoughts

Meanwhile, I needed the chassis to support water-cooled components. Thus, I was worried about mounting my RX360 radiator because it’s thickness might not fit into the new frame. I plan to install it on the top. However, everything worked out. Though the computer case takes up a lot of space, and I’d prefer to use an in desk PC.

Thank you for reading, if my writing helped you or you enjoyed the piece feel free to leave a comment below.

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