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  • Image of God

    Image of God

    Image of God My Discovery When I look at the image of God, I remember a time I cried at Hill Sung Church. Then, I played my harmonica to the toon of Way Maker by Leeland. Then, I hoped to find a love that would understand my feelings and hold me tighter than my beating…

  • Abundance


    I see a location of openness and oneness. I think of the stock market no more. The last few weeks were hectic cos my focus was solely on learning and cramming so much information. If I had to put a smell to it, I would choose electric wire burning. I think of the wire plastic…

  • Day Two: Write a List

    Day Two: Write a List

    Today, let’s write a list. According to the everyday inspiration a list will allow me to loosen up my mind and unlock more ideas. The challenge is to choose one of the following topics. Things I Like I’ve Learned I Wish You’re Good At I decided to go with a timer to limit myself to…

  • Day One: I write because

    Day One: I write because

    I’m scared of doing the free stream writing type. I write in the morning on Apple tablet with Julie Carmon’s morning pages. Alway wishing to free write on my blog instead. However, morning pages are for the birds and meant to be kept private. Now I’m exploring why I’m writing. Why do I need to…

  • OpenSea on a tablet device is a terrible experience.

    OpenSea on a tablet device is a terrible experience.

    Are you interested in selling art on OpenSea? At first glance, it sounds like an awesome idea. However, if you’re a tablet user, you might want to think again. First, you would have to use your wallet’s built-in browser. Then, you will notice that you cannot log in, and finally, navigation will confuse you. Before…

  • Doodle 111: 3 Ways to find your passion

    Doodle 111: 3 Ways to find your passion

    Hi, friends, for the doodle 111, Lately, I’m excited about my discovery of using a confident line technique. I call it rough to Confidence. Creating concept Layers are important Go with the flow Before we go into our passions, let me give you a quick update on my life.

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