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Vyacheslav Kantor

Hi, welcome Vyacheslav Kantor‘s website! He works as a full-stack developer in NYC. Outside of his work, he is a concept artist who is interested in collaborating with other creative individuals. At the moment, he is in the process of discovering the type of artwork he wants to create. Also, if you like to work together on a project, please hit the blue button “contact me.”

What does Vye do? 
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  • Blog about art
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Who is Vyacheslav Kantor? 

In his early thirties, and he decided that art is his thing because he read that the Chinese rabbit zodiac is an excellent painter. Yes, go ahead and laugh, but he believes in that stuff.

Vye graduated from Brooklyn College

Vye graduated with a Computer Science and Multimedia degree. At present, he works with a city agency as a full stack developer in NYC. In my spare time, Vye illustrates with his digital pen or GraphGear 1000. Also, he had used all sorts of software and gained a lot of experience. For example, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile. Also, a shout out to the Blender community and Sketchbook Pro because they are super useful to me!

How did he start?

Vye started his blog in October of 2012. Also, his goal was to learn to code. At that time, he wasn’t drawing. Since that time, he has discovered useful advice on YouTube and podcasting world that pushed me to pursue my passion. However, it has become increasingly harder to find the time to maintain my love while having a full-time job.

Age has nothing to do with it!

If you haven’t started drawing yet, don’t worry, it takes time and curiosity. Also, use your environment to illustrate your art. Such as, during your commute to work. Equally, you may try to join an art meetup to challenge yourself to grow. Also, it’s worth checking out ArtStation for challenges.

Help Others Become Striving Artists!

While Vye is a programmer, he is interested in learning more about the digital and traditional world. Together, let us dream of a realm where we can inspire other artists with our work. For example, a writer can invite an artist to create a piece of art for a featured image. Thus, go out there and look for internship/job/meetup to challenge yourself, share your findings, and inspire others. In other words, let us grow and gain experience together.

Let’s join together

If you have a passion for creativity, a desire to be part of something great, then be part of the art community. Also, join him, once or twice biweekly, and he will strive to answer all your comments. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss a thing, subscribe by clicking on the follow button below:

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Likewise, feel free to drop me an email by visiting my contact page.