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Hi, I’m Vye. I’m 33. I draw with Imaginative Illustrators. If you enjoy drawing, but with educational content, you found the right place. Right now, I’m focusing on rock studies, thumbnailing, 250 box challenge, and on this channel, I plan to share my knowledge with you all, so stop by and say hi.

vyacheslav kantor concept artist
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Vyecheslav Kantor

I plan to write about Imaginative Illustrators Meetup, Art, Live Streaming, and my projects on this blog. However, sometimes I get stuck, and I might focus on something random.
In his early thirties, and he decided that art is his thing because he read that the Chinese rabbit zodiac is an excellent painter. Yes, go ahead and laugh, but he believes in that stuff.

Vye graduated with a Computer Science and Multimedia degree. At present, he works with a city agency as a full stack developer in NYC. In my spare time, Vye illustrates with his digital pen or GraphGear 1000. Also, he had used all sorts of software and gained a lot of experience. For example, feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile. Also, a shout out to the Blender community and Sketchbook Pro because they are super useful to me!



Computer Science & Multimedia

2005 – 2011



Nov 2020 – Present


Imaginative Illustrators, Aspiring Artists of NYC 

Jul 2018 – Present
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Featured on Dronstad

‘Dusty and dry plain had huge gaps in it enough to swallow a man. Sometimes I was tempted to jump in one of them and end this suffering.’
Nightmare | Story writen by Dronstad


Doodle 107 IINYC Scallion Christmas Carol Santa Claws TWINS 12.16.2020
Doodle 106 IINYC 12.5.20 inflatable food body building Christmas elf bathtub party
IINYC 11.14.2020
Drawing plan 78 Monadrock North West New Mexico Shiprock Formation
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Vyacheslav Kantor

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Brooklyn, NY

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