Panacea: The Story that could Have been?

Panacea The Story Panacea is today’s art challenge. I’ve created these stories based on my experience with them. Such as, Proxy: What Destruction Can be Caused By War? Googling fun, interesting and cartoon images. To show, Neighbors: How to Draw them & Improve Your Focus? Yet, a coworker of mine and I discussed a way to speed up theContinue reading “Panacea: The Story that could Have been?”

Dragon Egg: How to be Inspired?

Dragon Egg First of All, I received the egg challenge. I thought about dragons and what that they can hatch eggs. Thus, I went and looked up the definition of an Egg. It’s defined as an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate. The eggs of birds closed inContinue reading “Dragon Egg: How to be Inspired?”

Simmer: How to Show Flow & Promote Scene Passion?

Simmer: Show Flow & Promote Scene Passion😍 Today I woke up and quickly looked up the new word, Simmer. It’s defined as to keep (liquid) in a state approaching boiling. This gave me an idea, yesterday I worked on a post Mystery: How to Create Flow & Improve Scene Interest? This post was about creating a similarContinue reading “Simmer: How to Show Flow & Promote Scene Passion?”