Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity.

Space Station How to Create it with SubDivFormer blender

Space Station: How to with SubDivFormer and Blender?

The Story about the Space Station Expanding our frontier is our future, as my excitement for creating a space station concept art. Similarly, the inspiration for the cosmic object came from a co-worker. For example, he mentioned that when he was young, he would dabble in creating them. Finally, being thrilled, I started making my […]

Futuristic Towers

Futuristic Towers: How to build them in Blender?

Futuristic Towers Concept Art in SpaceDraw The inspiration for the futuristic towers came from a tutorial I followed using SpaceDraw. Also, the tutorial is from a complete beginner point of view, although the app takes some time to get used too. For example, I recommend trying to create the futuristic towers in another app, such as […]


Draw Dragon: How to in six steps?

Draw Dragon Motivation After I created my first dragon, I was eager to try again and to see if I can draw it every day for a whole week. As a result, I created a goal to see if I can render this thing without always referring to my reference. However, after taking a slight […]

Bird Learning to Draw it in Five Steps

Bird: Learning to Draw it in Five Steps

On my way to and from the Okemo mountain resort, I started a new bird concept. Also, not having an internet connection, I had to improvise my reference and let my brain solve the puzzle for me. For example, I knew I needed to create a setup to guide me in the right direction. Read […]

Steam Dreams Bot

Steam Robot Art Cover for Dronstad Blog

I wanted to thank Dronstad for allowing me to draw on his blog. Besides, I will do this by featuring his story Steam Dreams Robot and my cover image on my projects page. Also, I will show the finished pieces in this project in a large format. I won’t go into a tutorial mode or […]

nightmare dronstad dark 1800

Nightmare from Dronstad Collaboration Sketchbook Pro

I know to grow the best way to do a concept art project with another established in their work. Also, speaking with Dronstad on occasion to build out an art direction. In doing so, I will justify myself as useful, a bit more successful, and slightly better at drawing a decade ago! Finally, a word […]

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