Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity.

Free Two Point Perspective: How to Draw


Giveaway Two Point Perspective

I created an hour-long rich with steps on how I made mistakes and what I did to improve my perspective as I progressed. Also, if you have any feedback, please let me know in the comments what I can improve.


Free Two Point Perspective

Hi Masters, today, I did a study on a two-point perspective while streaming on Instagram. More importantly, I wanted to improve my skills in the area, and I wanted to see if live broadcasting is a fun way to teach myself. Interestingly, I streamed at home in my NYC apt in my cozy office space. Also, I don't have any plans on a set schedule yet, as I'm experimenting and seeing if I love it. Also, if you're interested in how the story came about, check out a two-point perspective: How to draw.


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