This is a nightmare.

I sit on my front porch, look at the flashes, hear the thunder, but it never comes, never closer to me. I must be alone in this place. There are no other houses, no tree or a hill on the horizon, nothing. This is a nightmare.

Many times I tried to reach the storm, but I wake up in my bed in the morning. There were days when I walked for days without sleep, and still, I ended up in my bed. There were days when I would jump in the hole in the ground but never fell to the bottom. I always woke up in my bed.

This is a nightmare.

Dronstad – Read the story on his blog.


Hi, artists, the best way I know to grow is to do a project with another who is established in there work. Also, speaking with Dronstad on occasion to build out an art direction. In doing so, I will justify myself as useful, a bit more successful, and slightly better at drawing a decade ago! Finally, a word about material or tool of choice. 

Sketchbook Pro – Tooling

For the Nightmare drawing, I used Sketchbook Pro and an old Dell Venue 11 with a pen. Also, at home, I would occasionally use my computer to draw on a bigger screen. Also, I heard about Sketchbook on YouTube and probably from the Google Playstore. Finally, I choose Sketchbook Pro because it was free, and Trent Kaniuga recommended them. 

Closing thoughts

I hope you enjoyed going through the project and were able to learn a few new tricks. Besides, I encourage you to reach out to me if you want to work on something together. Who knows, you might have a blast! Also, go ahead and check out the blog post, write up on the Nightmare with Dronstad.

Black & White Nightmare
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