Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity.

Collaboration on Nightmare with Dronstad

Collaborate – Let’s work on a project!

From time to time, let’s find a way to collaborate! My goal is to contribute to the art community. For example, I have worked with Dronstad to produce artwork based on his stories, like Stream Dreams and Nightmare. If you see an art piece that you feel might benefit your audience, let us try to collaborate on a project. Additionally, if you’re an artist, make us work on art collectively. For instance, if you have a piece of art/story that you would like to work on together, please let me know. 

Why Collude?

I was listening to an audible book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and that is where it all changed. Moreover, the author Elizabeth Gilbert has made two viewpoints, either be selfish or selfless. For example, a person is competitive and doesn’t appreciate other people’s work. Also, comparing themselves to others and feeling upset when they don’t have the skill to be better. However, Elizabeth talks about “A Different Way.” In particular, support others in their creative efforts and acknowledge that there is plenty of room for everybody. Therefore, I strongly feel that I need to develop in this area, and I hope that other creative people will want to collaborate.

Our Plan

Thank you for reading Collaborate – Let’s work on a project. Also, if you stick around for about a minute, I will share my plan to benefit you. For instance, I’m planning to use either this article or the projects section to add collaborated projects. Further, I want to spread this type of movement. Thus, feel free to reach out to others who are interested and send them our way. Plus, if you have any questions, business, or suggestions, please use the form below. In the same fashion, you can contact me on Twitter or any other social media handles.
Llama Team interview

Collaborate via Interview

Additionally, as part of the collaboration, we can create a video showing what you do with your project.

Collude via Video

Additionally, as part of the collaboration, we can create a video showing what you do with your project.

Cooperate via Story

Moreover, as part of the collaboration, we can flush out a 300-word personal story about you and your goals with your project.

Vye is a rising talent, dedicated to projects, and has an ear for exciting ideas. I am satisfied with working with him and the result I got from our mutual project, “Nightmare.” I chose him for the project because I wanted something new, artistic, and original.

Let's make something beautiful together!

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