Draw Hands vye 3: Learn with Duplication and Diet

I’m getting an immense feeling with the new format for draw hands! Also, I think I’ll use this format in my new stories! Draw Hands what you’ll learn? Diet Plan Process of drawing hands Filling different parts of the hand for understanding Organize folders Importance of a schedule Host Myself, Hi, Masters, you can callContinue reading “Draw Hands vye 3: Learn with Duplication and Diet”

two point perspective: How to draw

Hi Masters, today, I did a study on a two-point perspective while streaming on Instagram. More importantly, I wanted to improve my skills in the area, and I wanted to see if live broadcasting is a fun way to teach myself. Interestingly, I streamed at home in my NYC apt in my cozy office space.Continue reading “two point perspective: How to draw”

Broken Lamps: thinking about Relationship

Broken Lamps came to existence because I wanted to express my existing rocky relationship with my Mooncake in hopes of stability. Also, I created the piece when I traveled to Calgary and Banff. Besides, I pictured the Canadian Rockies in the background to show context and my trip to the mountains. Finally, I’m sharing itContinue reading “Broken Lamps: thinking about Relationship”