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  • CoDA Daily 10 Review

    CoDA Daily 10 Review

    I use these CoDA daily tenth review questions for any time during your day as a way to check in with myself and see how well I’m doing. The questions came from suggestions during my Step 10 Study group. In honoring CoDA literature only, I removed non-CoDA approved references. CoDA Daily Tenth Am I getting […]

  • Let social media Inspire You

    Let social media Inspire You

    Hi, I have never done a social tweeter response feeling thing before. So let social media inspire you is the new gig today.  Let social media Inspire you. It is interesting because I spent all day learning to get my program to auto trade-in “thinkScript.” But, in the end, I was not too fond of […]

  • The Space to Write

    The Space to Write

    Hi, I am writing on my bamboo standing desk and channeling the space to write. It is facing the wall, and to the left of me, I have a secondary monitor on a moving arm. Further left, I have a view of the canal. The best part about that is I can rest my eyes and look […]

  • “Your life is what your thoughts make it.”

    “Your life is what your thoughts make it.”

    “Your life is what your thoughts make it.” Confucius Hi, friends, I hope all is well. Today, I’m doing a timed writing workout. To pick a quote that speaks to me in the exercise. The challenge mentioned that it’s like an epigraph. It’s similar to how an author inserts a quote at the beginning of […]

  • Image of God

    Image of God

    Image of God My Discovery When I look at the image of God, I remember a time I cried at Hill Sung Church. Then, I played my harmonica to the toon of Way Maker by Leeland. Then, I hoped to find a love that would understand my feelings and hold me tighter than my beating […]

  • Abundance


    I see a location of openness and oneness. I think of the stock market no more. The last few weeks were hectic cos my focus was solely on learning and cramming so much information. If I had to put a smell to it, I would choose electric wire burning. I think of the wire plastic […]

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