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  • 💝 Meaningful Connection 2022-M11

    💝 Meaningful Connection 2022-M11

    Welcome to meaningful connection, where I share resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations from my month. 👓 What’s New? The first week, I got the booster shot, then continued fasting and added nuts to my diet cos I was losing too much weight. Obsidian sync with plugins was bugging me, so I turned it off. Later…

  • 💝 Meaningful Connection Week 44

    💝 Meaningful Connection Week 44

    Welcome to meaningful connection, where I share resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations from my week/month. 👓 What’s New? I am trying a new way to blog, experimenting with weekly and monthly blogging. As I do these experiments, I’m checking what makes time-wise to write the posts.It’s an experiment, an open garage door similar to Andy…

  • BAT Passive Income Brave Gemini

    BAT Passive Income Brave Gemini

    My brother had shown me a browser called Brave and told me all I had to do was use it like any other internet browser, and it automatically earns BAT passive income. Once I earned 2 BAT, I can choose to verify the wallet and cash out or keep making more. At the end of the…

  • Fundrise Passive income

    Fundrise Passive income

    Hey there, I hope you enjoyed the IP Royal passive income post. I found another way for us to benefit without you doing much work. Before I get into the Fundrise passive income strategy, at the end of the post, I will give you a way to earn $50 with Fundrise.  I set up a Fundrise account to…

  • Passive income with IP Royal

    Passive income with IP Royal

    Lately, I have had a gift card in my wallet. It’s filling up automatically, and I don’t have to do anything. I carry my phone everywhere, and it collects. It’s a great feeling that money is passively printing in my pocket. Let’s get the passive income together! At the end of the post, I have…

  • CoDA Daily 10 Review

    CoDA Daily 10 Review

    I use these CoDA daily tenth review questions for any time during your day as a way to check in with myself and see how well I’m doing. The questions came from suggestions during my Step 10 Study group. In honoring CoDA literature only, I removed non-CoDA approved references. CoDA Daily Tenth Am I getting…

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