💝 Meaningful Connection 2023-M04

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Welcome to meaningful connection, where I share April’s resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations for those who want to grow mindfully.

Meaningful Connection

👓 What’s New?

Well, ever since I stopped journaling my achievements and switched to more of what’s fresh on the plate, I had to be more creative. As of late, I am a fantastic cook. I can make Kimchi, Golden Liquid with fermented rice. I love the sour, hot spicy, rich, flavored kimchi mixed with crispy veggies. I’m learning a ton about nutrition and glad to find that the knowledge is quickly becoming wisdom. When I dated my previous ex, her mother was a witch doctor in Chinese cooking. Since I love the environment so much, I have a strong affinity for that passion.

Meanwhile, my most significant achievement is learning how to flip food while sautéing. I love it cos it adds so much joy to my morning breakfast. While sauteing, I feel the excitement while the food lands back on the pan. Moving off from the cooking vibe, I recently spruced up my YouTube channel branding. I’m thinking about reading my blog posts. I know of a blogger who had some success in doing so. Anyhow, let’s move into resonating thoughts.

🔔 What is resonating?

During April, I recently touched CoDA, the making choices book. Before jumping into the reading, CoDA stands for Co-Dependents Anonymous—a place for healing relationships and seeking a healthy mindset. In comparison, I was explicitly creating my affirmations. While searching for what changed, I came across a question. How can I include my feelings while thinking about my obstacles? It was clever to have my Higher Power because my feelings could link to my ideas. Pausing is something hard for me. The thought universe as I grow and question what is happening in my mind. I come to realize that I have a choice. The ability to reflect on my actions and learn. Nothing new; what’s special? Well, if I feel my feelings and don’t shove them away. I can link them to other events in my life. Then create a strong bond and grow. Therefore, if I bring my boundaries and goals into the picture and will come to know my Higher Power.

🌻 What’s Growing?

As April rages on, my greenhouse continues to receive fresh herbs. Recently while moving my obsidian vault, I discovered that Windows likes to hide folders. I was trying to clone my repository, and it would fail to connect. Later I realized that I had to move the hidden git folder, which tells GitHub what to fetch. Therefore, it was time to amend my readme file and add some documentation to troubleshoot that problem out of existence.

Nevertheless, compared to another note, I discovered a reflection with the following question. What are some things I realized when I got mature? I came across the question on a dating community. However, what’s interesting is becoming an adult, accepting things for what they are, and not trying to control them. I felt strong because I’m in CoDA, so I know it’s a process that comes and goes. In other words, progress and not perfection.

Meanwhile, I learned that I must care for my basic needs to see any progress. Therefore, I continue seeking inspiration from CoDA Community and my soul coach and therapist sessions. Thus, I’m going to move on to the nourishment part next.

🥑 Mental Nourishment

As I strapped myself in for the mental nourishment, I understood a new combined threat. I feel fear while writing those words, and I need to find a way to remove or create a new section. It was a good idea to combine this section with the above. I will have to find a way to avoid duplication. However, I will focus on something other than tackling that issue right now. I love the note on what I found attractive in my women. I was dating Jul last year, and I made a list. As I was making the list, I felt delighted and had a strong love for her. I love that she has jet black hair, traveling vibes, a body shape that is so huggable, helpful when I’m not feeling good, fun facial expressions, easygoing, and recharges me when I spend time with her. While I miss her so much and wish she was in my life forever, I did get to explore the person who would give me the kind of love I desire. The plan is to seek a personality that makes me feel good about being me. Let’s move toward the end of the fun in the consciousness section.

🚿 Stream of Consciousness

For the close of April, I’m seeking to learn to cook my remaining scraps while being environmentally balanced. Every weekend, I pushed myself to the brink of breaking because I overpack my schedule and don’t give myself enough room for spiritual maintenance. I’m always thinking about fixing or tweaking something for the better, such as utilizing my resources in the Obsidian. However, I found a small silver lining during my sleeping hour. I started praying my 30 points around my stomach while connecting with my Higher Power. As soon as I start channeling the Healing Code, I immediately repair issues of the heart, which brings me deeper sleep and a bright future ahead.

Sidebar, I’m planning to live stream while I try to read my blog post. So, feel free to jump in if it starts or catch the highlights later attached to this blog post. Also, below is my latest creation from Japanese folklore – Kasa Jizou.

Catch the vlog reading on Twitch ^ ^ https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1812510729

Well, that’s it for April; feel free to share your ideas or if you have something on your soul. If you want to know how I became an artist, subscribe and follow my blog for more.

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