💝 Meaningful Connection 2022-M12

meaningful connection review

Welcome to #meaningful #connection, where I share #resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations from my month of December.

👓 What’s New?

During December, my most significant personal achievement was the Development of 💭 For the love of the spirit of affirmations. Because It might help me further develop my mind. The idea is to combine obstacles, feelings, affirmation, gratitude for myself, and a connection to my higher power. In doing so, I can remember to do better with my triggers. For example, I used to have a habit of eating and watching a show in the morning, and I removed it. To do so, I journaled my feelings of unhappiness and then spoke my affirmation. The affirmation I use is, “I keep my schedule open, so I have balance in my life.” Then I would pray to ⛰️ My Higher Power and combine that with gratitude to focus on the positive. For example, I would say I am inspecting my thoughts closely and try proving to myself that I can be a happy person and have ways to do that. Aside from that, I had many other accomplishments, but I want to zero in on my career next.

Also, my most significant career achievement in December was completing an offline app feature for a large angular app. While working on the item, getting a coworker’s input is vital to spot many logic issues. Unfortunately, the part is hard to fix, and I must get more eyes on it so the team can succeed.

In other news, my productivity was getting better because I started my bedtime routine at 9:30 pm almost every day, which gave me the ability to have more capacity during the day and process my expanding desire to learn. Also, giving up watching shows while eating helped me pause and reflect. It allowed me to work on my projects.

In late November, I started drawing holiday cards project for my family and was able to complete everything before the new year. However, it took longer than expected, and I passed my deadline by a week. Nevertheless, I finished eight-holiday cards, all hand drawn.

While the project went well, I learned a few things throughout the weeks. For example, one valuable lesson was that I only need to take on challenges in the morning once I finish my breakfast. Otherwise, I get frustrated or upset, which can cause stomach issues. Also, dont eat and watch shows because that will cause problems with how much I eat and how I feel afterward.

🔔 What is resonating?

During December, my goal is to choose an input that is in finished status or has some juice to share. Of such caliber, I found a meeting that occurred on 18 December from CoDA. We covered the pamphlet The Making Choices Book and read the section Create your Affirmations. I learned that affirmations are powerful when using them for a goal. Such as, I want to manifest the type of person I want to be, like Honesty Core Value. However, the best part about the reading was the following point. 

We put them into positive language. In other words, “I am a valuable person” is more affirming than “I’m not worthless.”

The Making Choices Book

To create affirmations, I can refer to my obstacles to create positive language. All in all, It gives me a target or goal that I can plan objectively.

🌻 What’s Growing?

For December, I will choose a mature idea I developed in my incubator. Looking at my list, I have yet to have the time to work on anything new. However, I noticed my note on How to organize and process a quick capture log. In that note, I have a line saying to use the fleeting notes app, but as of late, I moved my fleeting notes to Google Keep and embedded them inside Obsidian. I aim to use the notes to inspire further inspection of ideas and build new concepts. Using Google Keep is super easy and always available on my phone. One critical issue that has affected me was the inability to keep up with my fleeting notes. The idea is to process them at the end of the day or so, but I noticed that they tend to sit for a long time before they get off that list. I will follow up if I find a clever way to process them.

🥑 Mental Nourishment

Meanwhile, as of December, I had many thoughts that differed from the notes of the objective Zettelkasten. I am still figuring out how to choose which notes I should share. I need to link it up with a rating system. Earlier I spoke about 🗺️ Feelings MOC. The idea is to get an overall sense of what’s happening each month, and I’m not sure how to get those results yet. I plan to use the influx plugin, check the highest feeling and see what thoughts connect to it. Starting from today, the surface with the most hits was happiness. Therefore I will choose one and talk about it briefly.

In particular, my ex asked me what a relationship means to you. The following list came about:

  • Living together, we will come to know
  • I felt happy cos she wanted to move to the next step.
  • When I get upset, she won’t get triggered and will wait for me to work through it
  • I feel safe sharing my emotions
  • Helping each other during tough times
  • A relationship needs commitment
  • I don’t believe in marriage, but if we must, if our finance is too far apart, then a prenup is in order.
  • We are Patient
  • Active/Sports/Walks/Travel
  • Great in bed
  • Doesn’t make me worry
  • Clear Zodiac Signs
  • Respect, and be a glass half empty before fear. I briefly reviewed the first tradition and noticed that the relationship is more vital than a focus on self.

🚿 Stream of Consciousness

Anyway, going to wrap up the month. I had struggled with my balance, and now ex. Next time I get into a relationship with somebody who is international, I will state the requirement of a prenup or be financially similar to me. Also can move to the United States without any issues from my family. Working out these problems while being four months into the whole thing is a lot of emotional baggage. My biggest thing is trust is earned and not freely given. So many don’t understand that fact. Money is no exception. Divorce is at an all-time high and is hard to go based on the word. Human emotions tend to be erratic. People change once they move to a new country, family, or person they love. I’m so tired of proving my worth to partners. Moreso, my gut was telling me that I was not comfortable with the whole arrangement, and I was about to give the gift of citizenship and perhaps a better life in America.

💝Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2023 Vye

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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