💝 Meaningful Connection 2022-M11

meaningful connection review

Welcome to meaningful connection, where I share resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations from my month.

👓 What’s New?

The first week, I got the booster shot, then continued fasting and added nuts to my diet cos I was losing too much weight. Obsidian sync with plugins was bugging me, so I turned it off. Later that week, I spoke to my girl about marriage. I’m cooking much faster with dirty Keto.

The second week, I was hiking at Cold Spring and looked at Accessibility by PayPal. Fasting and working while hiking. Fall age is in full swing. My girl wasn’t candid with her feelings about a prenup. In a different vein, I ended up not going to Terry Town cos of the rain. Vet Day, get the day to be home. Shopping at an art meetup was fun with so many folks at Bryant park because it felt festive.

In the third week, I booked some vacation time with a friend. Keto is better for the cells to adapt. Also, my emotions are in training for the new diet. I started using Cronometer to track my meals to get an idea of how my meals run. The carbs are high. I didn’t know SI had unique hiking places, such as Greenbelt. But the food wasn’t as good, and the soup gave me a stomach ache. The weekend went by fast, decided to spend some time with my parents and cook some meals. A bit worried about my dad’s chest pain. Then I realized that I shouldn’t eat unless hungry might not apply to chia seeds.

During the final week, an unexpected Verizon bill caught me off guard. Finally, Keto is off; it could be carbs or the chia seeds making me less hungry. I am making good progress on the wizard at work. I spoke to my brother during the thanksgiving party. Not only that, but I talked to a friend and made some great fish. I attended an art meetup but felt tired at the end of the day with a headache. Likewise, I was cooking and cleaning as usual on Sunday. Furthermore, I enjoy talking to my girl, and we usually speak well.

Biggest Personal Achievement

  • I was hiking on my own at Bryant Park.

Biggest Career Achievement

  • Accessibility discovery PayPal or getting better at UI/UX

My Learnings

  • One valuable lesson is that I can only run well with sleep.
  • Next month I will improve on eating only, but not watching TV shows.
  • I will try to stop eating chia seeds in the morning unless I’m doing a long fast.

🔔 What is resonating?

During the meaningful monthly connection, I will choose a single item that speaks to me. The most exciting article was CoDA The Making Choices Book From Self-abuse to Self-care.

What did I learn from this reading?

  • Step four was a relief.
  • I Learned that I hid behind games, food, and shows.
  • STR journaling as a reflection
  • Hope is that affirmations like the following will resurface
    • “We may have avoided life with the help of mood-altering substances such as drugs, alcohol, and food.”
    • “We came to see our codependent characteristics as our strategies for coping with the overwhelming stress and trauma we experienced in childhood.”

How does this apply to my recovery?

  • I only sometimes take my time and give myself headspace. That’s when trouble starts.
  • Again, if it happens, then I pause and reflect. Try to channel the negative energy out. What can I do to cheer myself up?
    • Then I went for a walk and spent the time near the water.
  • When affirmations are said, Feeling my Feelings and what cognitive Distortion comes up and how I can reflect.
  • Mantra to repeat
  • Circles of life

🌻 What’s Growing?

For the month, I will choose a mature idea I developed in my incubator. Organize and Process Quick Capture Log is a great place to start because it covers how to process Resonating thoughts and organize my vault in Obsidian. For example, I can begin a Daily Practice of Capturing using a Fleeting Notes App such as Google Keep. Then, review the task list, and see what is vital for today. Afterward, I can review unprocessed Fleeting Notes and sort them, so I understand how to process the ideas that resonate with me. Finally, I can use my Quick Capture Workbench to sort through the items in the list below.

How to organize?

Order is vital

  1. My Tasks Plugin
  2. Waiting Buckets
    • Book notes started in red.
    • RainDrop.io
    • Pocket
    • ReadWise

The order restarted, but I think you see the waiting buckets.

  1. My Projects
    1. Most relevant
    2. Deadline
  2. My Areas
  3. My Resources
  4. My Archives

🥑 Mental Nourishment

For November, I had many thoughts that I chose to reflect on and create some plans. For example, What type of affirmations exist in categorization?

  • I want to create a collection of affirmations that can resurface quickly. If I have a collection type, I can make a resource and promptly go to that location, then pick out something that resonates with me and further reflect.
  • I remember feeling determined and making further reflections. For example, I think The Artist’s Way has some affirmations, and also, the long hand poems, if you will, from the Torah have verses for healing according to the category of affliction. I want to do similar.

Did I learn anything?

I need to build a higher-order categorization, which will require more research. In the end, the plan for the future is to search for where I can learn more about affirmation categorization to quickly locate potential candidates to use in situations that will benefit me.

🚿 Stream of Consciousness

I struggled with lack of sleep which caused me to make mistakes and not think things through. Then my health bill and walking for 30 mins after my feet had blisters on my way back from the hike. Furthermore, speaking to a friend about our meetup took a lot of work. I didn’t give him a direct message. Instead, I worked up to it because I felt I couldn’t be around him. Later on, I learned something was wrong with my Keto. I was eating too many carbs. I was spending too much time walking after poor planning on a hike.

Next time I’ll overcome it by:

  • I will go to bed around 9:30 pm.
  • I will push on and keep going during long hikes or start from a different location while hiking if I know time is tight.
  • How can I use Intuition to figure out what my body is saying and adjust?
  • Speaking to somebody directly, I need to ask them if they are okay hearing the direct vs. not. It would be better for me to see which friends are worth being around.

So above are some potential projects for the future. Also, special thanks to John Mavrick vaults on Gumroad, grateful for its ability to organize content. That’s the update. If you want to know how I became an artist, subscribe and follow my blog for more.

Below is an illustration from my trip to Monk Cloisters #FortTryonPark.

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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