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Welcome to meaningful connection, where I share resonating ideas, thoughts, and realizations from my week/month.

👓 What’s New?

I am trying a new way to blog, experimenting with weekly and monthly blogging. As I do these experiments, I’m checking what makes time-wise to write the posts.
It’s an experiment, an open garage door similar to Andy Matuschak, which can contain broken links to be filled later.

Well, through reflection via my morning pages, I discovered I have a habit of eating too many carbs, I don’t end up gaining weight or anything, but I get too tired. I noticed that I used it as an excuse to blame for my mistakes. So I started fasting and did so for a whole week. I looked at Keto, but the dirty version. I started skipping my dinner and using the 6-18 intermittent fasting ratio. To my surprise, my life was filled with much energy. I’m a skinny guy, so I lost 5 pounds by the end of the week.
During the early part of the week, before the fast, I grew tired of not doing anything about the position of my standing desk. So I decide to move it to a better corner. I’m still determining if I will provide a picture, but I have an L-shaped desk which I love, and my standing desk extension fits snugly into the corner. I love it so much, and the accomplishment of cleaning up the wires alone was a fantastic feeling.
Later that week, as you might know, I’m a computer programmer who discovered PayPal Accessibility Plugin. I haven’t written anything about it yet, but I love it. I tested it out on stack blitz. It allows me to add a drop-down that finds all the landmarks on the page and puts them in a single menu location.
While at work, I managed to fix my harmonica too. That week I noticed that the third or fourth hole got stuck and made the sound come out flat. I’m proud of myself for opening it up and using compressed air to clean it. I was then amazed that it worked ideally well after that.
During the workout, I was proud of myself for assisting my coworkers with Angular questions, and I’m so grateful that I can dig in and understand things at a high to a low level. For example, my coworker needed to know how to troubleshoot child-to-parent parameters and see that the values were coming from the database. I was able to see that far. So happy that I can see these things.
Side thought, Not a significant accomplishment, but I saved myself some time with my coworkers, cos they were buying a lotto for work, I usually believe, on Wed. Still, I kept some time because they bought a bigger pot, so I asked them to include my numbers, which saved me a trip to the lotto store.
While lotto doesn’t make me fit, so does workspace. So I moved my workouts from google collections and created a brand, My Body. Then, with a click of a button, I can launch my “workout” workspace and get myself into shape right before I get set up for work.
Not as big as my workouts, but during my commute to work, I set some time to process my notes in my Zettelkasten Vault. It’s hard to do it at work and home cos of chores during the week. So commute jobs perfectly. Which then lead me to create the My Quick Capture Workbench. I use it to establish my priories from different volume types to value.
Once the weekend approached, I wanted to do a hike badly. I chose the worst day to travel. The Q train had track work, and I spent the day on the bus, the so-called express train. Finally, making it to Fort Tryon, known as the monk cloisters. Such a beautiful place; I took many pictures. Go ahead and search it up, in New York is deferentially a place to visit if you still need to go. It’s a magical place on top of a mountain in the concrete jungle. On my way home, I drew a fantastic picture of the Hudson River and the coast of Manhattan side.
Then on finally Sunday, I spend the day cooking and adjusting the Vault with John Mavrick. He and I created additional hover cards on the monthly and weekly views. Later on, we added them to other dailies.

🔔 What is resonating?

Earlier I watched Tiago Forte on YouTube video, Beginners Guide The First 30 Days Using a Notes App Pick Your Notes App Part 4. I love the idea of taking note of what is resonating and not processing it right away was an eye-opener. I no longer need to stress and reactively do things.

The great thing about My Inputs Workflow is that I can find peace and fulfillment in my work. The workflow allows me to organize my work into buckets, which I can later come back to process or pull information to create meaningful content, which I can reference later and build more ideas. For example, I had to sort my content by book or videos to implement a better input workflow. Then set a priority to revisit those categories—the input. John Mavrick’s findings heavily inspired the workflow.

Later on, I looked around and was interested in  Finding Meaningful Connections. So, I watched many videos of My Note Taking and discovered the Zettelkasten method. The method makes beneficial connections using each note as a concept or atomic idea and making it easy to relate to other notes. Therefore, I created a note of all the prompts to connect my thoughts in my Obsidian Vault.

I had a few other interests,  CoDA The Making Choices booklet My Thoughts v4 and CoDA Steps. In particular, I love the idea of holding my thoughts in my mind and spending some time not reacting to outside stimuli. Then I remember my steps as I journal my experience, strength, and hope.

🌻 What’s Growing?

At the beginning of my  CoDA Twelve Promises One journey, I thought about linking to each promise individually, and now I’m connecting outputs like thoughts from a single general input.

While My CoDA is vital, Kala’s Therapist suggested I try Grounding Meditation in the evening and fine-tune what I do. But she mentioned it might be a good idea to record the sessions so it will be OK with the mindful practice.

Meanwhile, for vault maintenance, I discovered Image Cloud Hosting to Obsidian. It’s cool because I can link my images and have them show up without taking up any space.

Earlier I had mentioned that I love to start My Workflows journey, so I began to Organize and Process the Quick Capture Log. It’s a note with principles on consuming ideas. I prioritized various inputs, where order matters, task, read it later, then projects. I like this order because it allows me to review my deadlines and quickly save my ideas.

🥑 Mental Nourishment

During the week, I only partially listened to my body’s hunger. I stayed an hour longer while fasting. I had stomach pain in the morning. Then I noticed my desire to wake up earlier to write my morning pages.

I found an exciting hiking group, but they charge 80$. The group leave from Manhattan with transportation included on Nov 20 Sun. If I were to go, I would need to cook on Friday.

 Take off during the week to cook, hiking. I can take time off to cook on Friday and go hiking on a different day. I can look and cook that day. Then I can move on Saturday or Sunday.

Then another hiking group Kew Gardens, But it’s a short hike. I could do that type of hike on my own.

I keep finding other exciting hiking groups but not the days I want to go. Someone else might want to check it out.

While looking for cooking hacks, somehow I had relearned that I could freeze my meat, forgot that I could do that.

On Friday night, a few friends decided to visit the Forbidden planet. It has been a while since I’ve gone to a place like that. Unfortunately, I felt pressure to quit my existing relationship during the event, which gave me unneeded stress.

My gratitude list is repeated every day and feels too similar. Should it be that way? If a “fleeting note” is here to be searched. I dont know. Today is a big day. I want to blog with my weekly journal using my blog writing. So today, the weekends. Also, the month is ending. So I need to make a double effort. Let’s see.

🚿 Stream of Consciousness

I will write the stream of consciousness more freely because I want them closer to self-reflection. More so, my obstacles.

A few noticed eating outside of my regular time or not eating well.
During the week, I needed to learn how to create a type file for a JavaScript file.
Also, I noticed that I ate too many sweets in the morning. I could have stretched them out till the weekend.
I needed help to identify the subject’s behavior as a programmer. Angular is hard.
Pressure from a friend getting in my way of Relationships with Jewels. As a result, I spoke to Jewels about my desire to clarify our relationship.
I have yet to put too many limits on spending too long on the Vault. As for writing, it is more so during the commute.
I need to stop now, so I clean and go to bed.
I did so many things that my tasks started getting in the way of my well being 😉

Below is an image of a session drawing meetup at IINYC.

IINYC 2022-11-2 me
IINYC 2022-11-2

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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